Laraway Youth and Family Services

Serving Children is What We Do

Laraway provides direct services ranging from Therapeutic Foster and Residential Care with 24-hour crisis support. We offer therapeutic day treatment and educational services at Laraway School and provide public school-based behavior and mental health support and consultation to help youth and families grow and succeed.


We measure our success one child at a time…
in small steps and giant leaps of faith.
Personal Growth

 Academic Strides

Connections with Family & Community

Transitions to Independence

We measure our success one child at a time…
in small steps and giant leaps of faith.


Provided by Laraway

Laraway School Program
Laraway Foster Program
Laraway Backpack Program


Provided by Laraway

Laraway Career Program
Laraway Volunteer Program

Laraway’s goal is to help Vermont’s
most vulnerable at risk youth. Our programs and services
offer a trauma informed approach to belonging, community and healing.


Laraway’s 39-ACRE campus is ALIVE with recreational and therapeutic activity!
Laraway Offers 39 Acres

Laraway's 39 Acre Campus

Our property offers a variety of educational, therapeutic, and recreational opportunities for youth and staff. Our gardens also provide opportunities for building life skills and a healthy food source.
Laraway Offers Yurts

We Have 2 Yurts!

Yurts are unique circular structures built like a tent. They are sturdy shelters that have a small carbon footprint. We use our Yurts for fun educational activities with the youth and staff.
Laraway Offers Horse Therapy

Horse Therapy

Horses are majestic and beautiful animals that many find calm and healing. Our Barn Manager, Alexa, oversees our stables, located in the woods of Montpelier. She is ready to teach youths how to feed, groom, clean, walk and even ride the horses when ready.
Laraway Offers Chicken Coops

Chicken Coop

The care of animals fosters a sense of responsibility and patience. This experience also offers an opportunity to adapt to and learn from new situations. Our chickens are friendly creatures, and both our young visitors and staff take great pleasure in their daily interactions and care sessions with them.

Laraway Offers Outdoor Sports

Outdoor Sports

Exercise improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood and improving self-esteem and cognitive function. The activity also alleviates symptoms such as low self-esteem and social withdrawal. It’s an essential part of how we engage and connect with youth!
Laraway Offers Bread and Pizza

Bread & Pizza

Learning the fundamentals of cooking is essential for all of us to feed and nourish our bodies. We teach how a healthy lifestyle can affect our mood, well-being, and mental health. With our farm-to-table approach and a pizza oven in the back, we offer a unique way to incorporate math, science, and social skills building. There’s always something cooking at Laraway.
Laraway Offers River Runs

River Runs

The banks of the historic Lamoille River run through our property. It offers seasonal activities, including fun canoe trips, paddle boarding, tubing, fishing, forging, and indigenous plant and wildlife identification. Being on the water can be very healing and calming.
Laraway Offers a Wood Shop

Wood Shop

Working with our hands and making something from scratch is a rewarding feeling. With our wood shop and safety practices, youth can build objects and skills that will help them in the future or even start a path in the trades. We have the tools, the experience, and the shop.


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Consider making a donation to our Youth Crisis Fund. The Crisis Fund allows us to address critical needs not covered by traditional funding.

Foster a Child

Considering opening your home and your heart? Doing so could truly change the life of a child. Learn more about Foster and Respite Care.

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Please consider donating one or more of the items on Laraway’s wish-list. New or gently used items to support our programs are accepted.


At Laraway, you are not just an employee, you are part of our community.